August 9, 2009 at 4:59 am 3 comments

Welcome to my humble blog!

I am celebrating my 1 year “veganniversary” this month and thought that it would be fun to start up a food blog with recipes, tips, links, articles, and other stuff that I’m into.  Since I didn’t really cook before becoming a vegan, my 1st year was loaded with learning adventures.  I did several cleanses, bought a zillion vegan cookbooks, threw out all of my carcinigenic “beauty” products (see Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetic Database ), stuffed a holiday tofu (disaster) , did a raw food stint, and met a wonderful boy.

It’s been such an eye-opener learning about the environmental degradation associated with industrial agriculture, the numerous heath risks of the high animal protein diets, and finally giving a sympathetic ear to the cruelty this system is based on.   All of this aside, my own point of entry into veganism was nothing heroic.  I just wanted to cook a romantic dinner for a cute vegan boy I met to impress him with my domestic prowess.  Little did I know that several veggie pot-pies and curries later, I would fall in love with the cuisine (and become rather smitten with him!).

Up until now, I’ve kept a pretty low profile on the vegan front.  Reactions can range from those who are totally accepting of it to those who look at me like I’m insane, so I tend to dodge the issue for everyone’s comfort.  A few years ago, I remember meeting a girl who told me that she was a vegan and can recount my own baffled reaction.  What? Are you serious? No meat? No cheese? I could never do that.  Been there.  And then there are the people who assume I must be protein deficient.  I can handle those conversations, that is if they are actually interested in hearing the other side of the story. But then there is a whole other class of reactions that make me really upset.  They go something like this:  “Oh. Wow. I thought you liked food.”  Part of me wants to tell them how small-minded they are to make such a comment, but I hold my tongue.   Perhaps these people imagine that a vegan meal is just their typical meal minus eggs, milk, and meat.  Which wouldn’t leave much, maybe a sad plate of rice, mashed potatoes and over-cooked broccoli. If they only knew how diverse, creative and delicious vegan cooking can be.  That’s what I hope this blog will demonstrate, anyway.




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the picture pretty much sums it up..

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  • 1. Courtenay  |  August 9, 2009 at 3:04 pm

    I was a vegetarian until I was prego. then I craved chicken.lol. I’m pretty much back to eating not much meat. You’re right about people not understanding. I like Japanese food too and my family cant even wrap their minds around that because it’s different. I like the way to said that average meals minus meat and chees would be lame. Morgan liked all the Veg meals I made.

  • 2. laurakins  |  August 9, 2009 at 4:40 pm

    Courtenay! Yay!
    My mom was totally the same way with sushi- I just kept crackin’ away at her, and now when she comes down to visit, she shyly mentions that she’d like to go from california rolls. Woot!

    Still looking for an imaginative veg sushi place in vancouver. I think I found a good one in the cambie area- they have a mango/avocado roll that is soooo yummy!

    I’ve made sushi a handful of times before, but I always make such a sticky mess, I’ve decided to leave it to the professionals!


  • 3. Mom  |  April 2, 2017 at 4:39 am

    Loved revisiting your blog!


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