Guess who got to be one of 5 taster-testers for Sarah Kramer?

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Obviously, I cannot disclose this recipe, as it is Top Secret stuff until she publishes her next book.  However, I’m sure there are no legal snafus with me posting a tantalizing picture of the results:

Sarah Kramer's top secret veg curry

Sarah Kramer's top secret veg curry

If you are wondering how I managed to get into Sarah Kramer‘s Inner Circle, I can tell you in one word: Facebook.  That creepy?  Maybe.  If you are awake Tuesday morning (September 8th) at 8:45 am, she is going to be on Canada AM….it’s times like these I really wish I had cable.  Le sigh. 

Speaking of vegan celebrities, I had the surprise and pleasure of seeing my Letter to the Editor published in VegNews Magazine this month in defense of the lovely Kris Carr, and her cancer-related conversion to veganism (p 23, Sept/Nov issue).  Someone wrote a nasty review of her article, accusing Carr of being an inferior vegan compared with so-called “elite vegans” who made the switch to veggies entirely out of compassion.  I sent in a retort over 3 months ago, and totally forgot all about it.  As I read the 1st few lines of it, I thought, “amen, sistah!” until I realized that it was me who wrote it!  It was so cool to see my name in print in my favorite magazine- I’m going to make a point of writing more letters to editors!

Giddy over my two favorite Veggie Starlets,



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